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You do not need to throw away your old computer: we can 'recycle' it to become one of the Data or Back-up servers in your company. It will be perfectly secure and we will only need to add a new storage element.

We have been building Centralised Networked File Servers for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) since 1996 so, with more than 10 years of experience, we are able to provide a full range of solutions, utilising different types of servers and accommodating 1 to 100 users. We can customise your server to suit your particular needs and available server types include File, Web, FTP, Streaming, Terminal and Database. Your company may be continually upgrading PC workstation computers or perhaps buying new Apple Macs but how do you share documents or files with each other? How do you transfer the files from your old PC to the new one? How do you back-up files that are being used by different PCs in the office? A Centralised Networked File Server for your company would be the solution. There would be no extra software costs for the server and, if you were to use the UNIX or Linux environment, you would gain a higher level of security and greater stability because there are currently no viruses or spy-ware for these platforms.

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  • Tenby Schools
  • The Original Box Sash Windows Company
  • U8 e-shop
  • MotorZon
  • One Link Accountancy Professionals Group
  • Memory Video Production
  • Cherry Chau
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Web Hosting
We have all types of web hosting solutions available for private home, SOHO and small business users and for large corporate entities too.

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