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What are web applications? Traditionally, most businesses have software (for example, accounting packages) that only runs on Windows 98 and, when they upgrade to Windows XP or Vista, then this old software cannot run on the new system. This means that that, for example, it is impossible to access important customer data kept in the old software as it cannot be run on the new PC/s. Secondly, the developer of the original software may no longer be in the market, meaning that there is no way to get the software updated or upgraded and no-one is there to help the customer to try to transfer all their data to the new system. Who wants to spend vast amounts of their time tediously re-inputing important business data entry by entry?

There is an easier option! Our Open Source Applications Solution is the way to avoid this problem. You do not need to have a specific system to run your applications (i.e. software); any computer that can access the Internet can use our Open Source Applications Solution. That means even an Apple Mac, or an old IBM PC (386 or 486) or a UNIX based computer; if it allows you to use a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or other Internet browsers to access the Internet, that means that, with it, you can use these customised applications that we have developed.

If, for any reason, we were to leave the market, because we have made these application the source codes freely available ('open source'), other programmers or software developers could continue to update and upgrade these application anyway! You would own the source and would not be tied to any programmer, therefore reducing the risk of you being over-charged for any later modifications. Equally, if our price doesn't suit you, you are free to look for another expert to update or modify it for you! Data transfer has never been easier, simply because all of our applications are based upon SQL databases, one of the world top standard database systems. From the security perspective, as long as you maintain up-to-date internal protection, there is no way for the data to be accessed without your authorisation / approval.

You must be wondering about the cost of your own customised applications? These start from as little as £500!

We can develop applications ranging from simple address books, to on-line booking or quotation systems, customer relationship management facilities and Intranet portals, to name but a few. All of these applications can also be accessed remotely via the Internet, if you wish, and they come with full security log-in systems.

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  • Tenby Schools
  • The Original Box Sash Windows Company
  • U8 e-shop
  • MotorZon
  • One Link Accountancy Professionals Group
  • Memory Video Production
  • Cherry Chau
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We have all types of web hosting solutions available for private home, SOHO and small business users and for large corporate entities too.

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